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Rhombus Industries Inc.
T-30410 Primary DC Resistance 36 W Max, Secondary DC Resistance 47 W Max.

List of Unclassifed Man...
BT136-600-127 Thermal resistance junction to mounting base Thermal resistance junction to ambient

Texas Instruments
MAX4597_14 Low ON-State Resistance ON-State Resistance Flatness
MAX4595_14 Low ON-State Resistance ON-State Resistance Flatness
MAX4594_14 Low ON-State Resistance ON-State Resistance Flatness

Nel Frequency Controls,...
HA-160 All units are resistance All units are resistance

Cornell Dubilier Electr...
DMT General Purpose, High Peak Currents, High Insulation Resistance

ON Semiconductor
NLAS4684_08 Ultra-Low Resistance Dual SPDT Analog Switch

Alpha Wire
FIT-500-30 Supreme Chemical Resistance

CHB-04H-14 Volatge 5(V), Direct current resistance 32(R)

Siemens Semiconductor G...
BB664 Silicon Variable Capacitance Diode (For VHF TV-tuners High capacitance ratio Low series inductance Low series resistance)

Ironwood Electronics.
SM-BGA-9044 Low and stable contact resistance for reliable production yield

International Rectifier

Panasonic Semiconductor
AQY221R2MY Micro-miniature SON package Lower output capacitance and on resistance (C×R10)

Fox Electronics
HC49SDLF Resistance Weld SMD Crystal

Caddock Electronics, In...
MV217_17 Type MV Low Resistance Power Film Resistors

Keysight Technologies
N1411A Femto/Picoammeter and Electrometer/High Resistance Meter

K200139 Contact Resistance : 10m-OHMS

Diodes Incorporated
DMG4406LSS This MOSFET has been designed to minimize the on-state resistance (RDS(on)) and yet maintain superior switching performance, making it ideal for high efficiency power management applications.

Siemens Semiconductor G...
KT100 Silicon Spreading Resistance Temperature Sensor in Leaded Plastic Package

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